Urban Famers and Craft Probiotic Brewery

Here at KMKLiving we pride ourselves in choosing a healthy Living style. we didn’t choose a diet , nor a “plan” we just chose a lifestyle change. This choice among many things, has lead us to grow some of our own food to ensure our vegetables and our crafted beverages are NONGMO, Organic, Chemical and Pesticide Free. With this we also gain the pride in our self reliance knowing exactly where our products come from and how they are made. Our main focus for healthier products we easily produce at home are microgreens, fermented foods and hand crafted small batch probiotic beverages.

Latest from the Blog

Dad’s Bean Pot

Growing up my father would make his “bean pot” aka “Pork n Beans” and to this day I have continued the tradition. I’ve boosted it with both fresh and dehydrated microgreens. I also use a slow cooker instead of simmering in a pot.

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